About Our Classes

Shimmy Juju Bellydance has a variety of classes to keep you on your toes

Drills for Thrills

Hi-ho hi-ho, its back to basics we go! These classes are focused on introducing your body to the fundamental technique of the dance. Movements are broken down to their bare essentials and then built up again over time with variations, layering and travel. Time to work on that muscle memory! So your body can absorb what you just learnt, these dance movements are combined into short drills which we practice each week.

While these classes are aimed at beginner level students, more experienced dancers will find the drills helpful in maintaining their technique levels., and are given additional challenges as needed.

Keep in mind that some movements will be easier to grasp than others, and of course, practice will make this easier. The more you practice outside of classes the better you'll get at it, not to mention the better you'll feel about it too.

Choreography for Flow and Show

Got the tools? Then it's time to build something fabulous with them! Putting your technique into the context of a song, you'll learn how to combine one movement with another and how to transition between them. There are also a few new moves sprinkled here and there for a little extra challenge. In essence, you will learn a full choreography by the end of the term.

Every term has a different learning focus - dance style, challenging movement, type of music, character, performance skills, or use of a prop. Check the timetable for our current focus.

Choreography classes are aimed at students that are comfortable with the basic technique and would like to extend themselves with a little extra challenge.

Semi-Private Classes

There are times we prefer to learn in a smaller and more intimate group setting, around 2 - 4 people. Exploring a new dance project, working on a specific song that inspires all of you, a unique team building exercise, even getting together a handful of friends, sisters, or cousins to learn a funky bellydance routine for the upcoming 'Arabian Nights' themed party. Sessions are generally held at the Peakhurst Studio. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Private Classes

One-on-one classes are ideal for those seeking individual attention, and especially for those who are still a little too shy to join our bigger classroom. Class content is catered to your individual needs and aspirations, providing a nurturing space to expand your dance repertoire and explore your own creativity. Sessions are held at our Peakhurst Studio. Feel free to contact us for further information.