About Belly Dance

Women come to belly dance classes for many reasons:
  • to learn something new 

  • they always wanted to try this 'belly dance' stuff

  • to feel more feminine

  • to feel confident

  • to learn how to dance for their next birthday party, wedding, etc

  • to socialise and make new friends

  • to get active and fit

  • it just sounded interesting and exotic

  • to have some time and space for themselves

  • to dress up and be silly

Have you forgotten how much fun it is to dance?

I certainly did. Then several years ago I found my way into a belly dance class and remembered just how much fun it was to dance with the joy and freedom of a child again.

Every reason is a perfect reason to learn how to belly dance.

Belly dance, like many other dance styles, takes time to get a grasp on. It all depends on your body's flexibility, muscle memory, body awareness, any previous dance experience, injuries, how often you practice, even your level of confidence. And everyone is so wonderfully different. So we'll take it one baby step at a time.

My aim is to provide students with a comfortable and nurturing space where they feel safe enough to relax into their own bodies and dance. Dance is meant to be enjoyed, to be shared and above all - to make your heart tingle. These classes aim at giving you a toolkit of movements that you can draw upon whenever you feel like playing or expressing yourself to music.

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